Team Optimization – Functionality and Strategy Execution

Sometimes a team leader needs an outside perspective to break through the obstacles that emerge within a team or department. Inevitably one of those challenges is lack of alignment—members may be unclear about the team’s or even the organization’s strategy and their role in it. Perhaps they’re receiving mixed signals or don’t agree with the direction. Confusion, doubts, and hesitancies within a team can keep it from reaching it’s potential.

The Mission Critical Team Optimization Program gives teams the skills, tools, systems, and support they need to continually push the organization’s initiatives forward. We’ll help you develop a clear plan to keep everyone accountable at the individual and team level.

Here are some of the key elements of the Program:

Planning and Preparation

Initially we’ll meet with the team leader to define objectives, clarify expectations, discuss concerns, understand key relationships, and learn about the culture of the team.

Team Workshop – Developing a Team Plan

This is a two-day program in which the team creates a clear, one-page plan for delivering results over the next 6-12 months.

Team Workshop – Developing Individual Team Member Plans

In this half-day group workshop, each team member develops a one-page individual plan flowing from the team plan.

Monthly Progress Meetings – Tracking the Plan

We’ll facilitate results-driven meetings to ensure current activities and tasks are properly addressing the shared goals and short-term deliverables.

Ongoing Support for the Plans

We’ll work with teams to measure and report progress on a regular basis with the help of robust tools.

Quarterly Strategy Review Sessions

Staying current requires more than reviewing strategies annually or even semiannually. In these comprehensive sessions, we’ll review the organization’s current track towards annual goals as well as team behaviors to ensure the team is still headed in right direction overall. We’ll flag the elements that need attention so we can work together to develop interim steps to get back on course if necessary.

As a result of our Team Optimization Program, you’ll see:

  1. Commitment to individual and collective roles
  2. Resolution of fundamental issues or conflicts
  3. Strategies for dealing with unexpected events
  4. Full accountability from every member of your team
  5. Productive meetings
  6. Methodical tracking and unwavering support to deliver the results you need

We also offer the two-day Team Workshop as a standalone program if the client is confident he or she can follow up with the necessary, critical planning and accountability steps.