Meet Kate Ripp

Prior to establishing her coaching and consulting practice in 2000, Kate Ripp spent more than 20 years in management and leadership roles, forming and forging cross-functional teams related to business development, training, and large-scale account management. In these environments, she maintained a strong focus on executing initiatives as well as developing managers and leaders. She also ensured teams had the support, systems, and tools necessary to consistently meet their mission-critical goals.

Now Kate works primarily with leaders and teams of small to mid-size businesses (typically 100 employees or less) who want to improve their contribution to their organization. She draws on her own experience and powerful, results-driven methodologies to develop internal alignment and action plans that enhance performance and bottom lines.

When those structures are in place, leaders can confidently propose stretch goals that further inspire and transform their teams and organizations. With a well-lit path to strategy execution, team members are more likely to buy into the plan and generate critical organizational momentum from the bottom up.

Kate has consistently strong results working with individuals and teams within organizations that:

  • Are open to discovering new ways of working together and putting innovative approaches into practice
  • Are committed equally to their people and to the success of their organization
  • Are willing to be coached and held accountable
  • Are committed to mutual, interpersonal support
  • Can honor the necessary work and time commitments

The Mission Critical Teams approach works, as these case studies attest.