Execute the plan

Typical challenges at this stage:

“We need more accountability so that we stop missing deadlines and targets.”

“We can’t seem to turn plans and strategy into action…”

A recent article in Harvard Business Review states that the average team achieves only 63% of its strategic objectives. A report in Forbes was even less encouraging—only 10% of all organizations successfully execute strategy.

Devising a strategy or action plan is one thing, putting it to work is quite another. Too many leaders get to this point and then want to flip a switch, and say, “Okay, now DO it!”

Yes, communication is a big part of execution, but keeping people focused on (and committed to) key objectives requires an action plan. That plan might trigger changes in certain systems, including, for example, performance reviews, organizational structure, motivational strategies, and internal communication.

We’ll work with you through our Team Optimization program to link people, strategy, and operations within an action plan that provides clear direction and accountability throughout the organization.