Hear what our client’s say about Mission Critical Teams

You bring an outside perspective that helps me recognize areas where I need to make improvements and then address those. I look forward to team meetings and enjoy the fun collaborative and problem-solving spirit.  Without the meetings, we wouldn’t take the time to acknowledge what’s going well and where we need to improve. I’m very happy with myself, the entire studio and the projects we’re working on together. – Sheri Sanzone, Principal, Bluegreen, Aspen

As a fast- growing company, we found ourselves struggling to keep our focus on the areas of our business that were critical for sustainable progress, in fact, we didn’t really know what those areas were. We engaged Kate to facilitate the “Stages of Growth” program with our leadership team and through this process we have discovered what our current operational environment truly is, identified the critical path items and objectives that will guide us to our next growth objective, and developed a strategic vision and set of key initiatives that will become our roadmap for ongoing progress. We feel we are working more cohesively as a team and setting our sights above the day to day distractions that take away from our ability to see and accomplish our future objectives – Jeff Bay, Managing Director, HayMax Hotels, Aspen, CO

As a team, we determined what’s best for our company. Our goals are clear and we have action plans to consistently achieve them. Clear roles and responsibilities have created more harmony and a place to voice opinions as a group without being attacked. Key employees are more confident in their roles and I’m more effective at holding people accountable. Your guidance has helped me become a more confident leader, knowing that I have the ability to lead the team with all the pieces in place. I’ve gained strength—you’re gold to me. – Heidie Skinner, CEO, commercial window installation company

Kate taught me how to position myself to make a quantum leap in my career.  I knew I was qualified for the senior leadership role but I didn’t know how to go about getting it.  She showed me how to highlight my strongest skills and talents.  My confidence grew as I pressed through multiple interviews and questionnaires. I secured a big job that I previously wouldn’t have been able to sell myself into before our work together. – Toni Sova, Regional VP, National Insurance Company

We’re no longer satisfied with the status quo.  We’re moving, looking, being introspective.  We’re maintaining perspective and making our goals.  Everyone is participating and we’re more of a team now.  – Chris Bendon, Community Development and Planning Director, City of Aspen

We walked away from our sessions with a better understanding of each other as individual parts of the management team that we may have taken for granted in the past. But more importantly was the understanding of how simply we as managers can help one another to be more successful as an organization.  – Gerry Schulte, General Manager, Evergreen Metropolitan District