Sustain performance

Typical challenges:

“It seems like we have to address the same problems at every department meeting.”

“People keep coming to me [the CEO] when anything breaks down or any decision has to be made. No one makes a move on their own.”

Even with action plans in place and when teams are aligned behind the goals with expectations clear at every level, leaders must continually reinforce the primacy of the action plan and related strategies as they:

  • Track results and progress
  • Maintain alignment
  • Enforce accountability

At this point, regular meetings and frequent performance checks are creating a rhythm and providing structure. Performance reviews are laser-focused on progress toward and contributions to the organization’s goals and plan execution.

Now the CEO and the other key leaders must shift their daily focus to motivating and coaching their direct reports.

Often these skills don’t come naturally to leaders, especially those with entrepreneurial backgrounds. That’s why many of our clients also take advantage of the Mission Critical Team’s One-On-One Leadership Coaching to master the skills they need…and to create a system to hold them accountable.