Align around a strategy

Typical challenges at this stage:

“Our staff has a silo mentality. They put egos and individual needs before the goals of the department or organization.”

“It seems like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing!”

Typically, the obstacles we identify in the Diagnose phase have emerged over time to fill a void—the absence of clearly defined goals and a robust strategic plan. Simply removing these obstacles or bad habits without filling the void—with goals, plans, and internal alignment—is not a sustainable fix.

To ensure long-term success, we’ll work with you to:

  • Ensure your goals go far beyond generalities like “organizational growth.” We’ll identify more precise goals related to improving and differentiating your organization.
  • Develop a supporting action plan that provides clear expectations and accountability across the organization.
  • Prepare an internal communication strategy so that people and teams have a common, accurate understanding of the organization’s direction and are aligned with each other, as well as internal systems and processes, to achieve the goals.

Alignment is key because the best plan in the world will be useless if there isn’t a shared understanding of the plan and the path forward. Developing plans and creating alignment go hand in hand. First, begin by learning about our Leadership Coaching  program to step up your leadership capabilities and performance. Then visit our Team Optimization program to ensure your entire team is on board.