Slipping Clutch Syndrome – When “I Think I Can” Is Just Not Enough

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A former colleague of mine, Joe Clark, introduced me to the concept of the “Slipping Clutch Syndrome”. The analogy is so powerful, it begs repeating.

Have you ever begun a new strategy within your organization only for the initiative to fall flat upon execution? A phenomena known as “slipping clutch syndrome” may be at play. This condition is often a symptom of a team that is not aligned behind a strategy or common goal. You will observe the team lose momentum and continue to “slip” as they reach to accomplish goals, never with results desired or expected. Your team (and even you) may continue to put forth effort towards the game plan for execution while continuously losing ground. The behavior is much like a well-oiled machine that is seemingly in great shape, but really never manages to get into gear.

When you experience “slipping clutch syndrome” within your team, your primary objective as a leader is to return to the original strategy and ensure that each team member thoroughly understands the strategy required and the goals set forth. By reviewing the goals, objectives and strategies for success, your entire team will then be operating in sync and from the same playbook.

Remember lack of alignment results in disengaged teams leading to mediocre performance.  Are you confident that your team is in alignment or are they suffering from “slipping clutch syndrome”?

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