Searching for the Truth To Grow Your Business


There is just one thing that separates high performing businesses from those that are still aspiring to reach and maximize their growth potential. You may think it’s an innovative way to apply resources or to leverage a company’s unique competitive advantage, or a capacity to execute a clearly defined plan. No! The differentiating factor is more ordinary than anybody could guess – it’s the ability of a leader to see and think about their enterprise differently.    

These leaders are passionate, actually insistent about things that others would consider unimportant to the work of the work, the business of business, or other classic drivers of performance. Basically, they look past the surface issues with “soft eyes.” This may sound odd, particularly for those of you who are concrete business operators, but it works! 

Diving deeper and understanding what is going on BEHIND the work, BEHIND the customer, BEHIND the workings of a team, BEHIND the numbers versus accepting surface assumptions about all these areas, uncovers the truth. 

If you want to join other CEOs who create companies that outlive them, then open up your mind to practicing these 10 Perspectives: 

  1. Demonstration of Intention – drives to identify and articulate company goals, and a company vision and is intent on understanding the potential reach of the enterprise.
  2. Fostering of Community – proactively leads the pursuit of common goals, values and vision as a normal aspect of operations, not a “once a year event.”
  3. Discovery of Meaning – pursues new frontiers of how each individual in the organization derives meaning from their work.
  4. Communication of Clarity – pursues the clear and consistent communication of the company’s operations, expectations and strategic goals. 
  5. Quantification of Performance – uncovers ways to measure and realize the surpassing of targeted goals and initiatives.
  6. Opportunity for Learning pursues the knowledge necessary to bring the company into new and beneficial fields of opportunity.
  7. Steward of Freedom – through creating opportunity, drives for more personal and organizational freedom.
  8. Teacher of Accountability – insists that each individual own the responsibility of their actions and allows for the acceptance of mistakes when those mistakes foster learning. 
  9. Manifestation of Values – promotes values and cultural norms that advance the spirit of the organization.
  10. Discipline of Creativity – advances and rewards the expansion of creative innovation for the betterment of the company. 

Applying 10 Perspectives to your day-to-day operations can help in defining the truth and ultimately advancing your company to bring in more revenue and more profitability. 

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