The Three Gates of Focus That Help Navigate Growth

Every business undergoes growing pains during its development. Often, multiple issues arise simultaneously, when leaders need to effectively prioritize focus and create resolutions promptly. How do you do that while maintaining the overall well-being of the company at the same time?

The Three Gates of Focus are a critical component that needs to be considered within a decision to provide a holistic and inclusive solution to every problem. Simply put, they are the lens with which to view challenges to ensure that the entire organization is considered, not just what is best for a specific department.

All businesses have these Three Gates of Focus in common:

  • Emphasis on revenue and profits.
  • Emphasis on people, including talent acquisition, retention and development.
  • Emphasis on process-driven activities, including system development, execution and improvement.

The stacked order of these Three Gates of Focus will change in each stage of growth, but all three are present in every stage of evolution. Every issue, circumstance or experience found within a growing enterprise can be understood or communicated through one or more of these three gates to unite a team around a common cause.  Each of the gates brings a common language to address a problem, find a solution, or innovate a new way of looking at a challenge. When you operate your company through these three gates, always determine their sequence to approach problems and issues with focused intent that is best for that particular stage of growth.

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