Building High Performance Teams: Shift Limiting Mindsets


In order to achieve your most important objectives and successfully navigate business growth, it’s essential to create a clear plan, learn to work well together in a cross-functional way and have a structure to keep the teams accountable. There are five powerful principles that make teams more productive and companies more profitable:

  1. Include everyone in an annual planning session
  2. Put the past in perspective 
  3. Shift limiting mindsets
  4. Align around top priorities at every level of the business
  5. Establish monthly results-driven meetings

Shift Limiting Mindsets

Sometimes it seems like you’re doing everything right, yet you don’t have the results to show for it…Frustrating, isn’t it? Often the source of this frustration is found in underlying beliefs – mindsets that are largely invisible, but felt. We have them not only as individuals, but teams as well.

Collective attitudes take a major part in teams’ performance and can slow or even stop their efforts if not addressed on time. For example, imagine if the key people in your business have beliefs such as “It’s OK not to deliver as long as there’s a reasonable explanation.” What are your chances of success?

We worked with the marketing and sales team of a global beer distributor in South America that had 90% of the market share. The General Manager felt the threat from new competition as well as a lack of discipline throughout the business while the team’s attitude was “Hey, we’re invincible. Nobody will ever touch us.”

As soon as they realized how inadequate their approach had been, they became a team committed to doing the impossible. By the end of the year, they had surpassed their targets and achieved their highest revenues in 14 years…

The key concept to take away: Question your assumptions, identify the primary mindset that might be slowing the team down and shift it to a mindset for success.

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