Create Values So Employees Can Envision the Right Attitude

Don’t go halfway in branding your company’s operating style. Do you have a defined vision? Check. How about a mission statement? Check that box too.  

But if you haven’t given your employees a way to translate these high-level ideals into their actual day-to-day work environments, your vision and mission will just be words on a piece of paper.

So, take things one step further and identify five to six values that flow from your vision and mission. Push the boundaries. Use these values to truly differentiate your company within your industry. Then guide and mentor your people in the course of annual reviews and one-on-one sessions, using these values as the basis for your discussion. 

Finally, bring the values all the way home by coming up with examples of how they would be applied in certain scenarios. Discuss behaviors that do and don’t reflect those values.

After all, identifying company values is easy. Living them every day is hard, but it’s necessary if you want your employees and your company to succeed. 

Got values? When you can check that box too, you’ll be likely to see more of the behaviors you want and less of those that can harm the organization.

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