Creating a Dialogue to Improve Performance

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Why is there often a disconnect between a boss and an employee? 

It can start with the employee’s first day on the job. They’re fresh, excited, and eager to impress. The manager is congratulating themself on a great hire and they’re confident they’ve hired a self-manager and overachiever. The manager shifts to other priorities. After thirty days, they’re both singing a different tune. The employee is floundering, and the manager is wondering if they made a bad hire. 

You can pre-empt that disconnect, starting with the onboarding process in which you develop good habits and build rhythm into the relationship. I recommend managers have weekly conversations – One-on-Ones – with each of their direct reports. For new employees this might be two to three times per week.

The One-on-One is an opportunity for the manager and the employee to communicate – a rare occurrence in any organization. I suggest the manager start the sessions these three questions: What did you do last week that you’re proud of? What would you like to learn next week that will make you more successful? How can I help?

Regular dialogues like this break down the traditional barriers that can exist between a boss and an employee. Fewer employees will “check out,” and every employee will know that the person they report to cares about
them and their success.

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