Promoting Change Within an Organization


The Challenge Defined:

When it comes to change in organizations, there’s a dynamic called the Builder/Protector Ratio. A Builder mindset is comfortable with risk and they’re not afraid of change or the new challenges that will emerge. A Protector mindset is relatively risk averse – the possible downsides weigh heavily with them. One mindset is not better than the other – you need both on your team. 

As the CEO, you should lean more toward the Builder persona, expressing outward confidence about change while making sure you have Protectors around you, whispering in your ear about the potential downsides. 

And as the Builder CEO, it will be important to communicate your vision of the change – your logic, your expectations, and the new value and benefits it could deliver. Err on the side of giving out too much information about the possible change. Don’t sugar-coat things or trying to guess what your employees “only care about.” Go so far as to lay out the pros and cons so your people know you’re not going into the change haphazardly and recklessly. You don’t want them to wonder if you’ve thought of the possible downsides.

To develop a culture that isn’t resistant to change, be intentional in communicating at all times, not just during these periods of transformation and change. 

Critical Questions:

  • Do you have the right Builder/Protector ratio at the upper levels of your organization?
  • Are you sufficiently Builder-oriented to lead and grow your company?
  • Do you have a culture of communication about key issues and choices facing your company?

Why This Challenge Must Be Resolved:

Economic and industry situations are constantly evolving. Companies that don’t change along with those trends will be left behind to die. However, dramatic or continual change within your organization must be accompanied with thorough, reassuring communication, lest employees lose confidence in your leadership. 

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