Increase Staff Voltage and You’ll Increase Your Bottom Line


Happy People = Happy Profits. When your people are happy, when they enjoy coming to work every day, when they believe in what they’re doing, when they feel they’re recognized for the value they bring, your company will be more profitable.

So, ask yourself: What have I done for my employees lately?

Are they happy or are they fearful? Are they distracted? Are they confused? Are they able to “get by” because they know they can get away with it? 

You’re tempted to respond, “Why is that important – I just want them to do what they’re being paid to do! Is that so much to ask?” 

I’ll probably surprise you when I tell you, you’re right, that’s not too much to ask or expect. But your life will be easier when you engage employees, communicate authentically with them, find out how they feel about their job, and encourage them to excel. 

Here’s a process that can pave the way to surfacing difficult topics, allaying distracting fears, and getting people back on track to being happy and productive, and yes, doing what they’re paid to do.

  • Instruct your managers to ask their employees this question: “What’s your biggest fear about the company today?”
  • Ask your managers to share those answers with all the other managers in your next meeting.
  • Select the top three fears and, as a group, craft the honest answers 
  • Share those answers at the next All Company Meeting
  • Repeat this process until all the fears have been addressed.

Knowledge is powerful and knowledge is comforting. It’s your responsibility to help your employees understand what’s going on and how you and the leaders of the company are dealing with difficult issues.

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