In order to achieve your most important objectives, it’s essential to create a clear plan, learn to work well together in a cross functional way and have a structure to keep the teams accountable. There are five powerful principles that make teams more productive and companies more profitable:

  1. Include everyone in an annual planning session 
  2. Put the past in perspective
  3. Shift limiting mindsets
  4. Align around top priorities at every level of the business
  5. Establish monthly results-driven meetings

Align Around Top Priorities at Every Level of the Business

Usually the team that wins is the team where everyone rowing for a shared set of goals and not for individual gain. The team is aligned and people are keeping their head in the game, focused on the goal, taking notice of the leader, with an attitude “Let’s show them what we’ve got!”

They continue to up their standards. They don’t take any strokes for granted. They don’t just show up – they are committed!

The key concept to take away: Get your team rowing in the same direction, with clearly defined strategies, an action plan and accountabilities so everyone knows who is on the hook for what.

The fifth powerful principle “establish monthly results-driven meetings” will be featured in the next blog. It’s the last one in the series!

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