Building High Performance Teams: Put the Past in Perspective

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In order to achieve your most important objectives, it’s essential to create a clear plan, learn to work well together in a cross functional way and have a structure to keep the teams accountable. There are five powerful principles that make teams more productive and companies more profitable:

  1. Include everyone in an annual planning session
  2. Put the past in perspective
  3. Shift limiting mindsets
  4. Align around top priorities at every level of the business
  5. Establish monthly results-driven meetings

Put the Past in Perspective

Accomplishments. Most teams are just like individuals: when it comes to acknowledging themselves, they tend to focus on issues and problems rather than their achievements. Always start by remembering the good news. Ask, what went well in the past 12 months? Think across the whole team, including big successes and small ones.

Disappointments. After you recognized team’s accomplishments ask, what didn’t go as you planned or expected? This is not about placing blame and pointing fingers to the mistakes of others. It’s about getting a clear picture of the current status of the team. Talk about what can be done differently in the future to prevent similar situations from happening.

The key concept to take away: There are lessons in your achievements and your failures. Learn to appreciate both. 

The third powerful principle “shift limiting mindsets” will be featured in the next blog. Coming soon!

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