Building High Performance Teams: Establish Monthly Results-Driven Meetings


In order to achieve your most important objectives and successfully navigate business growth, it’s essential to create a clear plan, learn to work well together in a cross-functional way and have a structure to keep the teams accountable. There are five powerful principles that make teams more productive and companies more profitable:

  1. Include everyone in an annual planning session
  2. Put the past in perspective
  3. Shift limiting mindsets
  4. Align around top priorities at every level of the business
  5. Establish monthly results-driven meetings

Establish Monthly Results-Driven Meetings

Planning without execution doesn’t work. People get pulled on the crisis du jour, change happens rapidly and it’s easy to get derailed. Add to that the curse of problematical meetings. Most are poorly prepared and poorly facilitated, so the same discussions come up over and over again.

Remember back when we developed those teams to make the annual plan?  They now need to track their performance every month. These monthly meetings help the team to stay constantly focused on what’s in the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

My teams score their plan each month to check in on who promised to do what. It makes people open up and talk about things they wouldn’t normally talk about in meetings.

As many realize that it makes a difference to keep their promises to each other, over the course of the month’s things begin to shift – the power of positive peer pressure kicks in and people start making sure they do what they said they’d do.

The key concept to take away: As a team, decide monthly what is important and then deal with whatever gets in the way of your performance.

Make sure you apply all five powerful principles if you want to build a team of engaged, committed people, and elevate results time after time.

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