Expanding Sales

Expanding sales starts with a clear vision of what problem the company solves and for whom. Successful CEOs are deeply involved in the process and take time to fully understand their potential buyers’ issues as they relate to the company’s area of expertise. By exploring the product or service with critical questions, CEOs know how to make prospects’ life easier and more enjoyable.    

At the beginning of company development, expanding sales is the main role of the business leader. The leader is the best promoter of what is offered – it’s his or her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge that makes people buy in. During later stages of growth, when there are others in charge of certain tasks, e.g. sales managers, CEO’s role becomes even more important – analyzing what works, what doesn’t and connecting with the top customers every quarter.

The key to addressing the challenge of expanding sales is to focus on the sales process. Then figure out which marketing approach will drive the most sales to the business – short term and long term.

Critical Questions to Ask:

  • What is your company’s lead generation process?
  • What is the company’s sales process?
  • What problems do you solve for your customers?
  • What is the company’s value proposition?
  • How does the CEO maintain relationships with top customers?
  • What is the company-wide sales mentality?

If you have sales people, make certain that you are the driving force behind their plans, processes and quotas. Too often CEOs disconnect from sales believing someone with more experience can run this part of the business. From a skills point of view, that may be correct. From a knowledge point of view, not so much.  

The business leader can add valuable insight that should always be a part of a sales program. If you need help, get it. Don’t assume you can take this most critical aspect of your company and wing it. Expanding sales is every CEO’s responsibility throughout the existence of the company.

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